Secure-Hoist 09-100 (09-100)

  • Wall lifting jack
  • Superior quality 6061-T6 aluminum contruction
  • Stainless steel assembly bolts for increased durability
  • Approved by an engineering consulting firm

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The crane is furnished with a top quality winch and a 2″ nylon belt

Guaranteed capacity of 500 lbs. Loaded to a safety factor at limit equal to four times (4x) the American standard OSHA

Secur-Hoist cranes meets Canadian standards for material hoists (CAN/CSA-Z256- M87) (CAN/CSA-Z185) and American standards (OSHA section-1910.181) applicable to this type of product

The automatic wall grip is made of zinc treated steel to ensure its durability

The crane is weighing only 37 lbs and is easy to stow in the vehicle

At the end of the telescoping mast there is a 2″ pulley made of nylon components that require no lubrification, making it easy to raise a wall of 8’2″ or 9’2″ with less effort and the antitipper (exclusive with Sécur-Hoist) helps to prevent wall from tipping outwards in a strong wind